Reproductions of 16th Century Letterpress Prints

Hand painted by request. 

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The Kiss of Inked Copper onto Sumptuous Paper

The originals of these images have been photographed or scanned. We then open those data files in Photoshop and spend many hours using our historical knowledge and artistic skill to take away extraneous data and replace missing data. Extraneous data comes in the form of discolored paper, bleed from the ink on the other side of the paper, creases and bends of the paper, and places where ink was applied too thickly to the original woodblock. Data that needs replaced is a result of insufficient ink on the original woodblock. The ink differential varies greatly from print to print depending on if the ink application was heavy, light, or inconsistent. Once the files are ready, We send them off to an engraver. Soon, we receive a copper plate from which we can print. We take this plate and hand trimmed french cold press Lanaquarelle paper to the printshop where we use a Vandercook letterpress to print these beautiful reproductions.


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